Fanmojo Fantasy Sing up Bonus 50 Paytm

Fanmojo is a fantasy app like Like Dream 11 Pro, Maithem 11, Fanfight but Works In this fantasy differently, you have to choose only five best players from both teams with one captain and one vice captain who will give you more points. . At the same time they will withdraw your earnings above 20 rupees and directly into the PettyM account, so you will not have to wait for 5-6 days.

How to Get Free 15 Rupess Fanmo fantast Singup Offer 

1. Visit our Fanamojo referral link

Fanmojo App

On the next page, enter your mobile number
2. Click Start Playing Button
3. Verify it by OTP
4. That's it, you'll get free coins in your account. 5. 5. Now you can play leagues through this free cash, as well, there is no need to verify your account to remove your income

Fanmojo Fantasy RefercAnd Earn Offer

On each successful referrals, you will get 10 bucks in the wallet or 5 rupees in your petty wallet and your friends will get a 150% cashback on the first deposit, plus 20% Petty Lifetime earnings and how to earn

1. Click on 100000 coins from the upper side
from below
2. Once your friend will be verified by OTP, you will get 5 rupees / 10 rupees (50 coins)
3. When they play, you will get 2 x coins for example: if they play 200 rupees then you get 400 coins and they will get an instant 150% cashback.
You can earn up to 20k Pelt Cash and up to 40 Crore League Cash from this Offer Unlimited

Unlimited paytm Cash move (no online script is required)

1. Copy your reference link
2. Open in Incognito Window
3. Enter the number unchecked
4. Verify by OTP
5. You will get 50 coins in your main account

How to remove your income

Once you cross your coins above 200, you can pay immediately or play instant cash.

1. Click on 100000 coins
2. Convert cash or pet money to cash play
200 coins = 20 rupees and 40k cash playing
It will soon be deposited in your small wallet.

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