Freecharge App HP Petrol Pump 250 Cashback Offer

Freecharge Hp pentrol pump Offer In the Transation Of the cashback and Phone pe offer and new Requrement Offer with the new proposal, where users will get 25 rupees for minimum 250 rupees on HP petrol pump. Cashback is available. Cashback offer valid from 1 December to 31 December 2018. Proposal 31 December 2018 per user account / device / mobile number is valid only twice per user.

How to get 25 cashback on minimum transaction of Rs. 250 on HP petrol pump

1). First download App

FreeCharge App Download

2). Then login or register

3). Now add money to your freecharge wallet.

4). Then go to your nearest HPCL petrol pump where freightenger wallet is accepted

List of Petrol pump

5). Then click on Pay Merchant to generate your #OnTheGo PIN.

7). Enjoy cashback in your freecharge  wallet

Term And Conditions :-

1)  To take offer The custmer Offer applicable Term and Conditions.
2)  Within 72 (seventy two) Hour From The Recevied  cash refund of 25 rupees in the form of a free charge gift device at the transaction value of Rs 250, which can be redeemed at the FreeCharging website or FreeCharge application or any other merchant website. Balance is acceptable, not transferable.

3)  This cashback offer is valid from 1 December to 31 December 2018.
4)  Proposal is valid on the minimum transaction of Rs. 250
5)   To learn more about shops, please refer to this link offer.
6)  Proposal till 31 December 2018, every free charge account / device / mobile number is valid only twice per user
7)   Free invoice balance is to be settled using free invoice balance through partial payment
8)   In the case of full or partial order cancellation / withdrawal, total cashback will be deducted from the total refund.
9)   Freecharges account ineligible for the benefit of this proposal in case of any fraudulent activity / suspicious transaction.
10)  Freecharges reserves the right to modify / replace any of these conditions without any prior work or any prior notice. In case of any dispute
This offer is also subject to the Freecharges Terms and Conditions available on the Freecharges website.

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