Paytm Refer and Earn Offer 1000 Cashback Loots

Paytm Refer And Invite Offer 1000 Cashback Loot Invite your friends to recharge the mobile, after you have your fried invitations, reach 1000 cashback, ask them to recharge the mobile app on the thong app and get cashback to earn free belly cache. Do it. There is a small direct method to participate in this loot offer just to earn thousands of cashback cash.

Paytm Refer And Warn Offer Invite Friend 1000 Cashback Offer :-

1. First Of The Download

 Paytm App

2. Open App signup now a new Paytm  account

3. Go to Recharge Section and recharge Mobile RS 20 by Applied Promotion - FIFA
Note - Recharge with the above code and you will get 50 Cashback in Pelt Gold account at 50 Recharge (on new signup account)

4. Go back to the paytm home page and you will see there "see your friends for pictures and get a cashback of 1000 Cashback  below the banner diagram

5. Click on this option and then click the "Invite Friends" button

6. Now share your references

7. Then ask to recharge before using fifty or GRB 50 promocode

8. After recharging first, it will get 50 recharge + 50 cashback and you will get 50 rupees for each invitation

Flat Rs. 50 Cashback on Every Successful Referral

1. The proposal applies only to the referenced person for recharge or bill payment (mobile recharge, mobile bill payment, DTH recharge, electricity bill payment).

2. The specified person should not pay the recharge or bill with PT first

3. Within 7 days of 1 recharge or bill payment transaction, cashback will be deposited to you by reference friend

4. If a person is referred to many box users and the person was clicked on more than one referral link, then the referral will be responsible for the link already clicked.

5. In cases where the box is not able to deposit cashback, because the wallet is not made, Goldback will be credited for the same amount. Goldback is a cashback where your wallet gets digital gold rather than washing gasoline.

6. Paytm reserves the right to change speed or stop motion

7. This offer is valid on Paytm Android version 7.2.0 and above and iOS version 7.2.1 and above

Unlimited Trick Paytm Refer Bonus 1000 Cashback

1. Firstly copy your small account and share it on any social media (recommend Whatsapp)

2. Uninstall Paytm App

3. Download PAYTM from Share Link

4. Open the app after downloading and installing

5. Sign up for a new account

6. Now send 50 rupees to the new account from the old account

7. Now recharge 50 or more with new registered number (Apply promocode FIFA / GRAB 50)

8. You will get Gold 50 Gold Cashback immediately in the new account.

9. Sell the cash cashback and take the balance in any bank account

10. Now open an old referral account and you will get 50 cashback to enjoy.

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